Our products tell the story of ingredients from farm to table, highlighting along the way everyone involved in the process from market gardener to cook. Our products are authentic, locally sourced and ethically produced. Much of our offering is artisanal – a handcrafted food style defined by ideas of sustainability, farmers’ markets, ‘farm-to-table’, ‘slow food’, authenticity, heritage styles, foraging and locally sourced ingredients.


Our expertly crafted collection of homeware is beautiful and functional. With tableware, linen and more, its look and feel is consistently contemporary. Much of it has been handcrafted in South African and African workshops. Some of it is previously loved. All of it has been curated into collections designed to provide a stylish backdrop to South African living.


Our products are unique to us. The ‘Boschendal experience’ – historic homestead, accommodation, hospitality, food, wine, homeware, local ecology, horticulture, activities – offers the opportunity for visitors to shop for, and eat healthy food made locally by artisans. Our food offer is supported by locally sourced homeware. We want to inspire our visitors to grow their own food, live a healthier lifestyle and support a more local economy.


Our retail offering builds on Boschendal’s unique provenance, history and style. The original farmers lived simple and humble lives. They provided the Manor House and surrounding rural communities with a livelihood. It was a sustainable way of life that ensured a healthy future for both the community and the land. Today this ethos informs the character of everything we sell.

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Life on a
Working Farm

We have a variety of livestock roaming the farm, each with their own purpose.

Our Black Angus cattle are constantly on the move. Our farming model is based on collaboration with these wonderful animals - they graze at leisure in wide open fields and in return their activity helps our team to restore the soil, which is our most valuable asset.

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Our Duroc pigs roam the oak forests, scavenging for acorns and seeking out muddy spots.

They are highly intelligent and help dig up unwanted roots to help us restore the natural water flow.

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Our hens are moved around the farm in their cosy mobile coops. Wherever they go, they eat unwanted worms and parasites while also fertilising our soil. Besides all the work they do in the fields, they also produce delicious and nutritious free-range eggs that we get to enjoy fresh from the farm.

If you wander over to our model farm, you’ll find a couple of fluy sheep sharing their camp with two of our farmer’s friendly goats. While the sheep might shy away, Tom & Jerry are always eager to come out and play.

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We have bees stationed across the farm, so please be careful if you hear them buzzing about. They help bypollinating our apples, plums and pears in spring.

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We farm a variety of fruit, including pears, plums, grapes and olives that are harvested throughout the year. We harvest with the seasons, so you’ll find plums, pears and apples during Spring and Summer, with citrus fruit stealing the show in winter.

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We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and have already installed two solar farms. Our winery’s own solar voltaic systems also meets more than 50% of their electrical needs.