Easy Hot Cross Bun Recipe

by Merinda Carstens on Mar 19, 2021

Easy Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Written by Boschendal

Watch our Head Pastry Chef and Baker Christine De Villiers make her favourite Easter treat – Hot Cross Buns!

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We hope to bring the spirit of this family celebration into your home with this recipe of our handmade Hot Cross Buns. Tender, comforting and delicately spiced, they are the perfect breakfast or tea-time treat for the long weekend. Serve them in halves toasted until golden brown and slathered in soft farm butter. 

Serving Suggestion: Planning a Brunch? These Hot Cross Buns pair beautifully with our Boschendal Brut NV.
Download the recipe below.

All our recipes will champion fresh, seasonal produce and local, ethically sourced ingredients, mirroring the farm-to-table approach taken at all the eateries at Boschendal Wine Farm. They will be delicious and easy to make, bringing a taste of the farm into your very own kitchen. 

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